A practical bloop slate app for videographers, filmmakers and sound recordists

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Being a location sound mixer as well as an audio postproduction mixer, I understand the importance of properly synced audio and video, and while there is software that can sync separately recorded audio and video automatically with a click of the mouse, the accuracy of the results can vary. A traditional method of syncing, i.e. time code, clapboard, or bloop slate, should always be used to allow for proper synchronization.

More and more, I’ve been recording sound for run and gun style productions using DSLRs and prosumer cameras that don’t facilitate practical use of timecode or onboard recording of quality audio. There have been situations where due to time constraints or minimal crew, slating with a clapboard was not desired.

I realized that a bloop light would be a perfect solution for these types of productions, and that an iPhone or iPod touch would be a perfect platform for a bloop light/slate application. Together with an iPhone developer I know, we’ve created BloopBox, a bloop slate app with a simple slate to mark footage for editing.

BloopBox has a few features that a traditional bloop light does not. BloopBox includes a slate screen with scene and take numbers. BloopBox also allows you to change the bloop frequency and duration in the settings menu.

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